Our Principles for Guiding Strategy


1. We pride ourselves on having carefully developed No Standard Process. Every set of challenges is different. Every organization is different. Every group is different. We create every meeting to recognize and respect our clients’ unique needs.

2. We believe in No Surprises. We don’t believe a facilitator should “parachute in” just before the start of a critical meeting. We work directly with our clients months before a session, getting course corrections and approvals at every checkpoint.

3. We are renowned for Agility, not RigidityIn the middle of the meeting, sometimes the most effective action is to rip up the agenda. This is particularly true between Day One and Day Two, when we often rewrite the second day’s agenda, depending on the direction, momentum, and progress achieved by the end of the first day.

4. Our goal is to Balance Participation and ProgressWe assure that:

  • Every participant has the opportunity to express his or her thoughts.

  • Every participant is encouraged to express his or her thoughts.

  • No participant is allowed to dominate the dialogue.

  • No participant is ever humiliated or disrespected.

  • The client’s desired outcomes are achieved by the conclusion of the meeting.

5. We develop Board Directors and Senior Staff. Not every participant is equally experienced in, or equally knowledgeable about, strategic planning. When necessary, we teach professional development topics such as principles of strategic thinking and the importance of appropriate governance. We transform client boards into more effective policy boards, and we help client executives enhance their ability to execute strategy effectively.

6. We create and facilitate sessions that are Engaging, Stimulating, Motivating, Thought-provoking and Fun!

Clients describe the impact of our strategic guidance:

 “Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon kept each of our Board members and our senior staff fully engaged. They are artful facilitators, making sure that every voice was heard, that no voice monopolized the dialogue, and that IAC leaders accomplished our goals by the end of the retreat.”

 “We came away from the Retreat with unanimous support for the steps needed to achieve sustainability while at the same time revising our business model. Tom Pierce’s facilitation style -- moderating discussion and debate, conducted with a firm but understanding hand, along with warmth and humor -- enabled us to move forward with confidence.”

 “We developed an integrated two-year process to have PMD work with our board and staff leadership. Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon began by facilitating an engaging professional development session with our Board and senior staff leaders, preparing them to think strategically using good governance principles.”

 “When Tom Pierce facilitated our Summit, his insight and coaching helped transform our Board of Trustees into a more effective, more functional, “policy” board. His knowledge of how to achieve effective governance and his strategies for taking us there were superb. Much of our success – and everyone agreed it was a success – was due to Tom's own approach to leadership.”

 “I asked PMD to educate and engage our board members to think more strategically. Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon crafted an integrated series of meetings, combining their planning and facilitation expertise with innovative board-development training sessions.”

 “Tom Pierce facilitated three productive sessions in three days: a lively board/staff leadership workshop, a task-oriented committee restructuring meeting, and a critical board executive session about governance issues. I learned more from that long weekend than ever before in my time spent on boards. Tom's professionalism and experience, combined with his friendly manner and good humor, were key ingredients for our success.”

We help organizations get where they need to go. Listen to how we guide the strategic planning process: