IMPACT: Guiding Strategy

Dale Cyr, CEO
Inteleos, including ARDMS - American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Rockville, Maryland:

I gave Pierce Management Development this challenge: reinvent the process the ARDMS Board uses to develop our strategic plan. I asked PMD to educate and engage our board members to think more strategically. Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon crafted an integrated series of meetings, combining their planning and facilitation expertise with innovative board-development training sessions. The new ARDMS strategic plan – and the path Tom and Lu created to get us there – more than met the challenge.

Karen Plaus, CEO
NBCRNA - National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists, Chicago, Illinois:

Pierce Management Development guides strategy. That’s what their website states, and that’s exactly what Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon teamed up to do for NBCRNA. 

We developed an integrated two-year process to have PMD work with our board and staff leadership. They began by facilitating an engaging professional development session with our Board and senior staff leaders, preparing them to think strategically using good governance principles. 

Several months later, they facilitated a two-day strategic planning retreat, guiding our Board to develop Strategic Goals and Strategic Objectives.

PMD also guides execution. Tom and Lu Ann then led a two-day session with NBCRNA’s senior staff leaders on developing strategies and tactics to fulfill the Board’s directives. PMD is an exceptional resource for working with boards, staff and other volunteers – their leadership style, presentations and interactive approaches are outstanding.

Jim Lampman, Founder & President
Lake Champlain Chocolates, Burlington, Vermont:

Tom Pierce's excellent work with our core group of busy Lake Champlain Chocolates managers not only helped us understand the purpose behind a written Mission Statement, but facilitated our discussions until we completed the task. Four years later, after using our Mission every day, we brought Tom back to help us confirm our Core Values and craft our new Vision Statement.

Sandy Katanick, past CEO
IAC – Intersocietal Accreditation Commission, Ellicott City, Maryland: 

Pierce Management Development brought creativity and energy to IAC’s year-long strategic planning process. During IAC’s initial two-day strategic planning retreat, Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon kept each of our Board members and our senior staff fully engaged. They are artful facilitators, making sure that every voice was heard, that no voice monopolized the dialogue, and that IAC leaders accomplished our goals by the end of the retreat. We live the new strategic plan every day.

Barry N. Stone, past Chairman of the Board
ISHA - International Skiing History Association, Manchester Center, Vermont:

Owing to Tom Pierce's strategic planning leadership, we came away from the Retreat with unanimous support for the steps needed to achieve sustainability while at the same time revising our business model. Tom's facilitation style -- moderating discussion and debate, conducted with a firm but understanding hand, along with warmth and humor -- enabled us to move forward with confidence. If we ever again require the services of a gold medal facilitator, Tom will be the first call made.

Dr. Paul A. Spiers Ph.D., past President of the Board
NARHA (now PATH, Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International), Denver, Colorado:

When Tom Pierce facilitated our NARHA Summit in Denver, his insight and coaching helped transform our Board of Trustees into a more effective, more functional, “policy” board. His knowledge of how to achieve effective governance and his strategies for taking us there were superb. Much of our success – and everyone agreed it was a success – was due to Tom's own approach to leadership.


Teresa Morris, past President of the Board
NARHA (now PATH, Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International), Denver, Colorado:

Tom Pierce facilitated three productive sessions in three days: a lively board/staff leadership workshop, a task-oriented committee restructuring meeting, and a critical board executive session about governance issues. I learned more from that long weekend than ever before in my time spent on boards. Tom's professionalism and experience, combined with his friendly manner and good humor, were key ingredients for our new NARHA.

Tim Shea, Executive Director
Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, Vermont:

As VP of Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, I asked Lu Ann to work with key staff members who were challenged with an increasing workload in size and complexity. Lu Ann’s methods helped us analyze and improve our operational planning tools and align them with our strategic plans. Her process enabled us to prioritize goals, design tactics, and act collaboratively. As a result, our operation, our workflow, especially event planning and execution, is markedly improved. 

Dale Cyr, CEO
Inteleos, including ARDMS - American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Rockville, Maryland:

We highly recommend Pierce Management Development to assist any organization with operational analysis. Having worked with Lu Ann Dillon on other ARDMS projects, we asked her to evaluate our operation, with an initial focus on one of the ARDMS Departments.

After performing thorough analysis of our processes and management tools, Lu Ann recommended a comprehensive approach to improving our operation and a valuable plan for logical and efficient execution. In addition to working well with our executive management team, Lu Ann’s project required her to interact directly with operational staff and she did an excellent job in trust-building and helping staff to feel empowered in the process.

We highly recommend Pierce Management Development to assist any organization with operational analysis.

Greg Melia CAE, Vice President of Program Development USA
ITN Production's Industry News, Washington, D.C.:

When I served as Director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Organization Management, Tom Pierce defined the top echelon of our trainers. Tom was always well-grounded in theory, research, and practice, and his charismatic delivery was well-balanced with empathy, wit, and energy. I would heartily recommend Tom Pierce to any organization looking for professional development.

Ed Barks, President
Barks Communications, Washington DC:

I had the pleasure of serving with Tom when he chaired the Consultants Section Council at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Tom has the rare talent for ensuring all voices are heard and respected. He listens and analyzes, then guides with diplomacy and resolve. He has become someone I trust implicitly -- a highly skilled and compassionate executive I know I can turn to for wise advice and counsel on a variety of business matters.

IMPACT: Coaching Executives


Jamie Murdock, Vice President of Sales
Experient, a Maritz Global Events Company, Washington D.C.:

When we enter into the business world and our career begins to take flight, there could be some turbulence. Lucky for me, fate handed me Tom Pierce. Tom has all the credentials you want in an executive coach—real-world business and leadership experience, an MBA, and well read. 

More importantly, Tom cares and he listens. He asks questions that take you to solutions you discover together. Through this process, you will learn more about yourself as a leader and a person. 

Whether you are looking for a career transition, need a coach to help you with a current situation, or just want to become a better business leader, Tom Pierce can help you. Give him a shot. I bet you will get hooked and wonder what took you so long.

Christine Schoessler, Chief of Operations
NATSO - National Association of Truck Stops and Travel Plazas, Alexandria, Virginia:

The skills that turn managers into executives don't necessarily transform executives into leaders. That's where PMD's executive coaching comes into play.

As a new executive, I asked Tom Pierce to help me identify the leadership skills I needed to master to succeed in my new role, particularly in the area of communication. We identified those gaps together and crafted an action plan that delivered noticeable and rapid results. 

Sometimes inspirational, sometimes challenging, and always insightful, Tom quickly became the trusted sounding board I hadn't even known I needed.

Michael Eason, Chief Technology Officer
Inteleos, including ARDMS - American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Rockville, Maryland:

I began working with ARDMS in the summer of 2014. New environments are always challenging - you're trying to accomplish your team's goals while learning the company's business model, getting to know the people, and trying to find a balance between changing things too quickly and not changing them quickly enough. Tom was a tremendous blessing. He taught me so much about the company's history, our goals, and our team.

Tom was a great sounding board and never hesitated to give me good advice. Tom was a big part of my success and the organization's success as a whole. His leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills would be helpful to any company. I would not hesitate to work with Tom again or to recommend him to anyone who needs effective executive coaching.

David L. Foley CAE, Executive Director
American Association of Equine Practitioners, Lexington, Kentucky:

Tom Pierce has truly had a positive impact on my professional development since beginning our coaching relationship. We have developed great rapport, and Tom has really helped me capitalize on my strengths and develop a plan to work on areas that have challenged me in the past. I really do have a new outlook on the way I approach not only my professional life, but my personal life as well.

Tamara Walker, Chief People Officer
Inteleos, including ARDMS - American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Rockville, Maryland:

Tom Pierce became an instrumental resource for me as I started the Director of Human Resources position for Inteleos. From the beginning, I valued Tom’s honest and thoughtful insight on the organization and its culture, his ability to ask the right questions, and his genuine concern for the organization and my professional growth.

Tom’s approach is very charismatic and thoughtful. His ability to synthesize information from various sources and provide sound advice has been invaluable. 

Tom’s coaching and guidance helped me focus on my strengths and determine ways to improve in the necessary areas. His approach and partnership helped me achieve a career goal—becoming the Chief People Officer for Inteleos. 

Thank you, Tom, for all your help and counsel!

David Stolte, Regional Director-North
Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, Washington:

Tom Pierce’s expert, insightful guidance helped me maintain focus and momentum as I worked through my professional development journey. His dynamic style will not only leave you inspired but also better equipped to handle whatever challenge lies in your path.

Tom is a gifted executive coach. He has a remarkable ability to hone in on the areas that will offer the most impactful results. He will ask tough questions that lead to self-reflection and growth while instilling a healthy dose of perspective. I highly recommend Tom’s executive coaching services.

Dr. Roger Perry, President emeritus
Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont:

During my 13 years as President of Champlain College, Tom Pierce provided me with invaluable advice and executive coaching on a broad range of sensitive issues, public-relations initiatives, and media strategies. I counted on his razor-sharp insight into complex issues, his ability to craft a coherent message, and his rigorous training to help me communicate effectively with the media.

Tim Muckle, Senior Psychometrician
Board of Pharmacy Specialties, Washington D.C.:

I draw so much inspiration from my authentic dialogue with Tom Pierce – each conversation is like a shot of adrenaline. I’ve benefited from Tom’s executive coaching for over a year. His guidance and counsel have been invaluable, to me and to the organizations where I've worked. He’s given me insight into building effective relationships, as well as navigating the sometimes-turbulent waters of corporate governance. 

Tom’s coaching has strengthened my faith in my own expertise and ability to influence outcomes, given me the confidence to engage workplace challenges head-on, and boosted my courage to stand my ground in trying situations. My professional progress has spilled over into personal areas of my life. I look forward to working with Tom in the years to come!

Thomas G. Nelson, General Manager
WEBTEC North America, Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

When I was vice president of Racine Federated, we chose Tom Pierce to coach three important middle managers in a newly acquired company. We needed to move quickly to improve a variety of skills so the division could achieve sales and financial growth targets. We were very pleased with the results, and we were equally pleased with the process.

Alec Webb, President
Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont:

I first met Tom Pierce through his service on the Board of Directors of Shelburne Farms, which included his serving as Board Chair. For many years he has been a trusted advisor and wonderful coach and mentor, guiding the Farms' early organizational growth and helping me as a manager grow into my leadership role.

Kevin J. Kraushaar, Esq. CAE, Vice President, Government Affairs & Chapter Operations
National Waste & Recycling Association, Washington, D.C.:

I asked Tom Pierce to help me develop a viable career plan. Tom recommended an excellent long-term strategy, and he also coached me on the most effective way to interview with a prospective employer. I went on to land a top management position in government relations.

Bethany Stephens, President
Soapbox Influencer Marketing, Bentonville, Arkansas:

I consider myself most fortunate to have been inspired by Tom Pierce during a pivotal time in my career and personal development. As a faculty member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management, Tom's vast knowledge of leadership, marketing, management, and interpersonal relations, along with his general business acumen, culminate perfectly in his classroom training sessions. His delivery is impressive and unique, his style is approachable and his key points are realistic rather than theory-based.